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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe

After living in a damaged, dated home for years, I finally decided to change things. I started going through every room to think about which areas I could improve, and it was really fascinating for me to see how much of a difference a new floor or a nice new chandelier could make. Within a few months, my home was really starting to transform with the help of professional remodeling contractors, and I was impressed with how much help they were. Check out this blog for great information that could help you to start making your place into your dream home.


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Remodeling My Home to Improve My LIfe


3 Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Senior Safety

Everybody needs access to the bathroom. But for seniors, the bathroom can be a dangerous place. Hard floors, moisture, and inaccessible fixtures can all pose hazards to seniors who suffer from limited mobility, muscle weakness, vision impairment, and other conditions. However, it's possible to make the bathroom much safer for seniors with a few modifications. Take a look at some bathroom remodeling tips for seniors: Replace the Ordinary Bathtub With a Walk-in Bathtub

Have A Large Bathroom? Invest In Remodeling To Add A Laundry Area

Some bathrooms are only large enough to fit in the essential features. But, you may have an oversized bathroom with a sink, toilet, shower, and tub while still having extra room. It is possible to expand the shower or put in a larger tub, but you can also give extra functionality to the space. If you do not have a dedicated laundry room, you should consider creating a laundry area.

How To Reface An Old Cabinet System

Refacing the cabinets is a great alternative to replacing them completely. The fact of the matter is, replacing your entire cabinet system is a costly investment, but you can still dramatically change their style and make them look completely updated by simply and affordably refacing. This article explains the refacing process and suggests a few ways that you can reduce the overall cost of the project by doing a bit of the work yourself.

Four Mistakes To Avoid When You're Selecting The Right Material For Your Roof

If it's time to get your roof replaced, you should realize that you're going to have to live with the new roof you get put on your building for a long time. It's, therefore, important to avoid some big mistakes that will detract from the quality and suitability of your roof replacement. The following are four mistakes to avoid when you're selecting the right material for your roof: Not making your roof more efficient with color selection

Adding A Basement Apartment To Your Home: Three Things To Consider

Whether you want to rent out the extra space in your home or you want to create a suite for visiting friends and family, adding an apartment to your home's basement can be a sound idea. As you begin planning your basement remodel, here are some things you'll need to consider to create the space you want for your home. Exits And Locks The intended use of the basement apartment will dictate the types of exits and locks you choose for the space.

Helpful Space-Saving Bathroom Space For Households With Multiple Teens

When multiple teenagers live in a one-bathroom house, there's no doubt the tension is high when everyone is trying to use the bathroom at the same time to get ready for school. If you have several children who are roughly the same ages and live in a house that has only one bathroom, you are likely dreading the teen years to the point that you may be considering moving into a new house.

Three Features To Include In Your Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Having an outdoor kitchen means you can prepare meals and entertain guests all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. If you are planning to build an outdoor kitchen on your property, there are lots of different design options and features to choose from. Here are just some of those many options to consider adding to your outdoor space to make your outdoor kitchen a luxurious addition to your home.

Remodeling A Bathroom To Create A Classy Atmosphere

A bathroom is one of the rooms in a house that must be used on a regular basis. Whether you are bathing or using the toilet, the bathroom is needed for the tasks. If you don't like the atmosphere of your bathroom and want to give it a little more class, remodeling is something that you might want to consider. If you choose the right remodeling materials, your bathroom can end up with a completely different atmosphere that you will love.

How To Re-Glaze A Bathtub By Yourself

If your tub is in good shape but is the wrong color for your newly remodeled bathtub, you might be considering getting rid of it and buying a brand new tub. However, there is a more affordable and less wasteful alternative: reglazing the tub. There are companies that offer this service, but if you have some basic DIY skills and the ability to ventilate your bathroom to a reasonable degree, you can actually complete this project at home.

Advantages Of Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo is a unique building material that resembles wood, despite actually being a type of grass. Bamboo's unique set of material characteristics gives it a certain appeal as a cabinet material. Understanding just what bamboo has to offer can help you figure out whether or not it is the right fit for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets: Unique Aesthetic While it does resemble a wood, bamboo has a distinctive grain and a specific coloring, giving the cabinetry that is made out of it a truly unique appearance while maintaining a rustic and natural appearance.

Tips For Combating Kitchen Clutter With Custom Cabinets

Since the kitchen is a gathering point for people during social visits, having a cluttered kitchen area can be bothersome. You may feel that you're struggling to find things or you just feel disconnected when everything is such a mess. If you want to streamline things in the kitchen and make it easier to work in, there are a few things that you can do. Here are some cabinet renovation tips to take your kitchen from clustered and chaotic to calm and cool.

How To Increase The Space In A Small Kitchen

Small kitchens necessarily don't have a lot of space to work with, but with a few design changes, you can both increase the amount of functional space that you have in your kitchen while also altering the design to make your kitchen appear much larger than it really is. A few simple additions can have a similar effect to a complete remodel if done correctly. Installing Under-Cabinet Drawers Under-cabinet drawers, sometimes referred to as toe-kick drawers, are small drawers that are installed underneath your kitchen cabinets.

Having Twins And Remodeling Your Home? 2 Tips To Make It Perfect For Them

If you have been told that you are having twins and your current home is not large enough, remodeling is a good option. This can save you money from purchase a brand-new home. Below are two tips to help you make some good choices on residential remodeling so you and your family will be comfortable in your home. Add a Bedroom Even if you currently have at least two bedrooms, you should still consider adding another one during your remodel.

2 Smart Remodel Decisions To Make Before Selling Your Home

When it comes to remodeling your home, there is quite a lot consider. Most homeowners will have a list of upgrades they would like to make to their home, but they don't have the budget to do all of them. You definitely need to pick and choose the remodel that is best for your budget and that will have the biggest effect on your home. If you are selling your home soon, you should be focusing on remodels that will increase the value of your property.

Kids Want Their Separate Rooms Made Into One? Try These Ideas Instead

If you have two children who have their rooms adjacent to one another and get along well, they might come to you with the idea of having their two rooms made into one. Doing so is generally fairly easy, provided that you hire the right remodeling contractor. He or she can knock down the wall between the rooms, leaving up any weight-bearing posts, and clean everything up to give your kids one enormous room for rest and for play.

3 Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Replacement Window For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you're planning a bathroom remodeling project, then you've no doubt given a lot of thought to the improvements and additions you'd like to make. Along with the new fixtures, fittings, and color scheme, you may also need to replace your bathroom window. Windows are important features in any room of the home and in a bathroom, the right choice of a window can make a huge difference to the comfort and look of the space.

Helpful Tips For Feeding Your Family During A Kitchen Remodeling Project

Renovations are a way to improve the functionality and layout of what usually is the most popular and important room in the homeā€”the kitchen. Completely gutting a kitchen and installing everything new can take quite a bit of time. In fact, a complete kitchen renovation can take 6-10 weeks and, sometimes, longer if problems are found during demolition, such as wood rot or termite damage. That's a long time to be without a working kitchen if you plan on staying in your home from demolition to completion.

The Best Remodeling Projects To Improve Your Home Value

If you are considering remodeling and renovations for your home, you want to get the most value. Some remodeling projects provide a small return on investment, while others can significantly improve the value of your home. Some of the best remodeling projects include things like updating kitchens and bathrooms or adding outdoor living space. Here are some of the best remodeling trends in terms of value for your investment in renovations:

Things To Consider When Remodeling A Kid's Room

Remodeling your home can be a lot of fun. However, it's important to make wise decisions concerning your remodeling projects, especially when the remodeling project is focused on a child's room.  Here are a few things to consider as you remodel your youngster's bedroom.  Age Defiance If you currently have a baby or toddler but don't plan to remodel the child's room for years to come, it's important to ensure that the room's design will grow with the child.